That’s Random

That’s Random

Hello, little crystal being. I love you. Yes, I do!

Herkimer Diamond
Herkimer NH.

“In crystal, we have pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.”
(Nikola Tesla, 1900) #

Silk and lace dress c. 1890
I would totally wear this dress!

Did you know humans are intuitively drawn to sparkly things because they represent water to our primitive minds? Nothing is more basic to human survival than locating a crystal, clear pool. So gather up those diamonds it’s all part of your evolutionary instincts. #

Crayons for Christmas!

Nothing was ever more exciting than getting a brand new 64 Crayola Crayon Box for Christmas-
In my own personal stocking meaning, Santa meant this gift was just for me! I was not expected to share my treasure with my brothers and sister.
(Who disrespected crayons and shot them out of GI Joe cannons and stuck them up runny noses!)

This Crayola Crayon 64 model had a
‘built-in sharpener.’ It was extremely,
crayon cutting edge. I definitely imprinted on this first exciting encounter with art technology.
(“But-I can say no more…”
The Beatles- The Movie HELP! )
But-I can say no more…”

I remember lifting the crisp cardboard, yellow and green, rectangular box top and thrilling to every Crayola Crayon color name:
The Exotics like- Prussian Blue, Aquamarine, Sepia, Mulberry, Mahogany, Thistle, Terracotta, Cornflower, and Periwinkle. Or the comfortingly descriptive: Lemon yellow, Forest Green, Orange, Plum, Sky Blue, Grey, Black, and exquisitely subtle White.

Then there were the angst-driven Crayola Crayon color choices: Blue Violet or Violet Blue? Red Violet or Violet Red? This kind of power to choose the precise shade and hue, of that elusive moment you want to capture in Art, has always been the stuff of dreams.

Can Spring-Green best capture the brilliant sunlight even if it is a pine tree? Are carnations always Carnation Pink? That seems unduly limiting. What color is Orchid? There are millions of orchids loose in the world. I don’t think one color crayon can possibly reflect them all. That’s how I learned about blending hues and shading.

I was most intrigued by the shiny, metallic minerals. A Copper crayon that was obviously real copper, right? And precious Silver and Gold? I used my metallic crayon coinage sparingly.

Santa knew if I had squandered my last year’s crayons. The tiny stubs must last until Next Christmas so I could look for a brand new Crayola Crayon 64 box with a ‘built-in sharpener in my next year’s stocking.#


I could be a human library all by myself!
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “Meaning of Life”.
Did you ever think there was something really big going on that humans have no clue about?

That’s a smile- People are so freakin’ clever!
(I do not own this image.) That’s a smile- People are so freakin’ clever!

Giraffe Art

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Every Apple Tree has its own Shape and Personality.

I love to substitute teach for elementary schools, the younger the kids the better!
I am always a bit sad when I enter a K or Pre-K classroom in the autumn and see the inevitable, identical construction-paper apple tree orchard all lined up along a wall like wooden soldiers. Each one is carefully copied from the teacher’s example and indistinguishable from one another (except for the child’s scrawled name on the back.)

When did you ever see an apple orchard with rows upon rows of the exact same tree? The parents come for an open house and say “How lovely! Which tree is yours?” The students try to figure out, just by looking, which of the duplicate trees they made.

I understand why it is
preferable for the teacher to have all the pieces precut, and an example tree for the class to look at. Each child is given one trunk, 2 branches, 1 piece of green foliage, and 5 apples- the materials necessary to create one apple tree. It’s hard watching them labor over the exact placement of each apple, constantly looking to the teacher’s example and sneaking a peak at what their fellow students are doing to be sure they have everything perfectly placed.

Let them truly create their own image of an apple tree. Then we would have a proper orchard! Each tree is as wonderfully unique as the child who envisioned it.#

These apple trees are all the same. Copied exactly from the teacher’s example.

These apple trees were left to the child’s own design.

Somewhere on this wonderous planet
this Midcentury Modern
vanity lives. And I want it!

It was Entertainment

Nobody ever slept on TV shows when I was a kid (Couldn’t waste Ponderosa sponsor dollars watching Hass and Little Joe snooze.) or did anything mundane. Laura Petrie never rolled over and told Rob to forget the homemade waffles and just grab a bowl of cereal. Gidget wouldn’t tell Moon Doggie and the gang she can’t go to the beach because she had her period.

Can you picture Donna Reed shaking her head and walking away from a sink full of dirty dishes telling everyone to just make their own sandwiches for supper? Or June Cleaver telling Ward, “Whew…You’re smelling a little gamey,” after a round of catch with Wally and the Bev…

Or one of Charlie’s pristine Angels saying “I’ll just jump in the shower and shave my legs and I’m on my way.” Only TV’s Lucy ever appeared ‘disheveled’ but that was purposely clownish. None of these TV programs were set at my house with my family. But they were not supposed to be real, were they? It was entertainment.#

Donna Reed doing all the work while Dr. Alex Stone gives Jeff and Kitten some sagely advice.

I read that the first time a tv husband and wife ever shared a bed was on The Brady Bunch (of all the squeaky-clean programs.) If you think about it Rob and Laura always had twin beds. You never saw Ward and June in the bedroom. Actually, most tv show sets didn’t even have a bedroom and certainly not a bathroom unless there is some funny
bubble bath storyline

Sounds like a joke: A spider, a flamingo, and a snake walk into a bar...