The Art Fairy

The Art Fairy

The Art Fairy

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The Art Fairy reading You be the Artist to a 3rd-grade class. (They loved it!)

All images and writing are copyright Mary Lee Mattison 1/8/1981 All rights Reserved.

Little girls LOVE The Art Fairy. (Hey! You can see my Princess cake in the background.)


All images and writing are copyright Mary Lee Mattison 1/8/1981 All rights Reserved

Every Apple Tree has its own Shape and Personality.

I love to substitute teach for elementary schools, the younger the kids the better!
I am always a bit sad when I enter a K or Pre-K classroom in the autumn and see the inevitable, identical construction-paper apple tree orchard all lined up along a wall like wooden soldiers. Each one is carefully copied from the teacher’s example and indistinguishable from one another (except for the child’s scrawled name on the back.)

When did you ever see an apple orchard with rows upon rows of the exact same tree? The parents come for an open house and say “How lovely! Which tree is yours?” The students try to figure out, just by looking, which of the duplicate trees they made.

I understand why it is
preferable for the teacher to have all the pieces precut, and an example tree for the class to look at. Each child is given one trunk, 2 branches, 1 piece of green foliage, and 5 apples- the materials necessary to create one apple tree. It’s hard watching them labor over the exact placement of each apple, constantly looking to the teacher’s example and sneaking a peak at what their fellow students are doing to be sure they have everything perfectly placed.

Let them truly create their own image of an apple tree. Then we would have a proper orchard! Each tree is as wonderfully unique as the child who envisioned it.#

These apple trees are all the same.
Copied exactly from the teacher’s example.
These apple trees were left to the child’s own design.

Hey Kids! I had a blast visiting
The Amesbury MA Boys and Girls Club.
I still have paint and glitter in my hair, on my nose,
and on my gluey fingertips and toes.

The snowflakes we made were as one of a kind as those that fall from the winter sky…but so much more dazzling.
Your tree looked beautiful.

I hope you are enjoying your gift from
The Art Fairy. Now don’t just copy my pictures…
Always remember there are no rules in art.
You can’t be right or wrong.
So throw open your imagination and You be the Artist!
Let me know if you want more coloring books!
The Art Fairy