The Red Toad

The Red Toad

The Stingy Son

Once a man and his wife were sitting at a table by the back door, roast chicken in front of them, and were about to eat dinner. The man saw his father coming up the road toward them. He quickly grabbed the chicken and hid it because he did not want to give the old man any. The father came, had a drink, and went away.

As the son reached around to put the roasted chicken back on the table he found that it had turned into a Red Toad, which sprang to his face and would not leave him. When he tried to take it off it just clung tighter. Everyone was soon afraid of the strange thing. They didn’t dare come around for fear the Red Toad might suddenly leap from his face onto theirs!

And so The Stingy Son wound up alone and had to feed the Red Toad every day. (Otherwise, he feared it would eat away part of his face.) #
Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

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